Always Appreciated! These gifts are top of the list for new parents!

Practical New Baby Gifts : giving the perfect pressie that they'll really love

Practical New Baby Gifts 
Practical baby gifts are always appreciated. Let's be honest, something for the shelf or ornamental is probably pretty and nice - but if you give a practical baby present you can be sure that it is actually used.
If you are looking to purchase something sensible for a mama/dada-to-be, check out our practical list of gifts that we know from experience they will love!
Baby Hangers: Everyone buys outfits for baby, but few remember that parents need something to hang all the cute little outfits on!
Gift Certificate: Give the mama-to-be a gift card to her favorite maternity store so she can buy some post baby essentials
Nappies and Wipes: I know it sounds obvious, but newborns go through truck-loads and if I could have traded some of the non essential presents for some of these- I would have. You can pop them in a basket or tie them in a bow to make them look more presentable but either way they’ll be very much appreciated!
Thermometer: Babies gets warm and panic sets in! Having a reliable thermometer on hand helps a parents out.
Little gift basket/bag for mum: The afterbirth is just as much about mum as it is about her new bundle of joy. Sometimes she's so focused on her new baby that she forgets to tend to her own needs. Supplies like pads, vitamins, non-perfumed shower gel, stretch mark cream etc… will be so welcomed.
Housecleaning: offer to help with the house work, but promise to be quiet, efficient and self-directed. Come with your own cleaning products and work away!
A portable phone: so they can use the phone while tending to baby whatever room they are in.
Take Out and a Movie: Treat them to a take-away from their local place and a movie delivered to their door (with disposable plates, napkins and cutlery) but be sure if you are renting the movie to collect it the next day and return it!
A One for All Gift Voucher for them to use towards the ‘big item’: There will be one big purchase they’ve not got yet-  car seat, bassinet, maybe it’s a swing set for later on…
A box of stain-free, sweet-smelling hand-me-downs: to help take baby through the entire first year. Root out your best ones and box them up! We loved when our friends with older kids came with a few items in hand.
Any products to help baby sleep better: sleep is undervalued until you become a parent. If you’re the person who gave the parent “the thing” that gets their baby to sleep – you are golden! You'll be immortalised forever as their BFF forever!
Bathing Accessories: Soft towels, sponges, baby shampoo, extra soft face cloths – there are so many baths at this tender age.
Bibs and Blanket: This is my go-to gift. I have a thing about soft blankets and drool bibs. I loved when I got them so I tend to gift them a lot! Babies drool lots and lots and really lovely bibs can brighten up any outfit. I particularly love the handkerchief bibs (so cute!).
So there you have it! I just think in this economy, parents-to-be are thinking less about luxury and more about baby basics.
Have you any more to add?

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