9 Signs you have this motherhood thing all figured out

You got it girl

Ok, before everyone gets on their high horse no mother will ever have the whole motherhood totally figured out but hey we can dream!
However, there are a few signs you may be there or thereabouts and while you may only ever be halfway there it is probably enough anyway. Here are a few signs that you have got this…
  • House is clean-ish- So, it may not be super clean or beautifully designed by interior decorators but it is tidy enough. There are no banana skins on the floor or smeared toast on the walls so all in all this is a great day! 
  • Kids are happy or at least most of the time- They are kids so you know? They tend to moan a lot or get grumpy because they didn’t see their favourite show but overall, they are a pretty happy bunch of kids! Score!
  • Dinners are made and are not processed foods- Homemade meals aren’t too hard to do once you get in a rhythm and it shows our mature side when you insist on making homemade Bolognese sauce than god forbid store-bought! 
  • Playdates are a walk in the park now- More kids give you more time to do the things you need to around the house and while the kids do make a mess you consider it manageable considering the joy it brings them having their pals over. 
  • You don’t have to drink too much coffee…Or wine! – The rundown mammies drink at least 4 coffees a day so when you manage on just one you are nailing motherhood! As for the wine, well… We still need all the wine but purely to relax after a long day and even better we stay awake for a few hours, pass me the glass please! 
  • The sex life has been resurrected! – A sex-life? Some of us have forgotten what it is like because you are too damn tried to lift your legs let alone get jiggy after a day with the kids. Hitting the hay for an early night is a sign you have got everything under control and motherhood is finally becoming easier to juggle with a sex-life! 
  • You have time to go to the gym- If you can head to the gym for a few hours you have got motherhood down to a tee. Even better if you manage to get out of your sweat pants for non-gym days! 
  • You have “mom friends”- Everyone needs a mom friend or a couple if they are free! As support systems go mom friends are the crutch you all need. Got a mom friend? Than you are nailing motherhood simple as! 
  • The kids love you and you love them- Sometimes all you need is love though it can take a while to figure that out. Motherhood isn’t easy and you will constantly question yourself but you are doing a great job whether you are doing all or one of these on this list. You got this! 


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