9 benefits to having a sibling

The benefits of having brothers and sisters are evident even at an early age.

Parents tend to worry about having a second child and how their first born will cope with having to share your time and attention. Yet, most of the time the transition from a child being on their own to having a sibling is an easy one. Of course you may hear the words “You love him more than me” however these are said when your child is frustrated and we all know it isn’t true.
There are lots of reasons why having a sibling is great for your child and here are some of our favourites.
  • Your eldest child learns responsibility early on and can share in the taking care of your new arrival. While your child won’t want to change the dirty nappies (if only!) they will however love helping with feeds or getting the baby wipes when needed. Be prepared for lots of questions like “why do they have that thing on their belly?”
  • While you watch your new born grow rapidly, so will your first born. They love the excitement of seeing the milestones like learning to walk or saying those beautiful first words. Your youngster will feel a great sense of achievement teaching your baby new words and way and will delight in showing them off to you.
  • Your eldest will feel proud introducing their new brother or sister and will probably tell everyone that stops to chat. While people will coo over the tiny one the big one will step forward and say “I’m her big Brother” loud and proud!
  • As they get older your eldest can teach vital life lessons and share their experiences. 
  • Starting school may be an easier tansition for the younger one, as they have advice from their older sibling and have grown accustomed to them going to school each day. They may share common interests and play together especially when they are following the latest fads or trends, which makes it easier for you!
  • They usually 'borrow' stuff off each other and will never be bored because they have another roomful of toys to play with. It may cause a few arguments over the years especially if something gets broken and no amount of mediating will sort that out..but that's the fun of it all. 
  • Siblings can work together at times when it is Mother’s Day or Father’s Day they can join forces and ensure a nice day is had by all. Even though they may not always get along they will put this aside and make a tasty breakfast or dinner for their parents. I say tasty but that is wishful thinking!
  • They will always have company and someone to play with or annoy! It can be like having a never ending sleepover with a pal and they can act as advisor's for fashion or sports, sharing their knowledge with each other.
  • In the future if the time comes, siblings will care for you (their parents) when you might need a helping hand. Even though your children may not always agree and get along, when required they will join together to look after your best interests. Years will pass by and your children will start new families and move away. However they will always remember the family unit you all shared and that incredible bond between you all will never be broken.

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