8 things you may not have realised are draining your phone battery

Are you always at 10% battery? These may help you 

The brightness of your screen setting
If your screen is too bright it will use up more battery. Setting your screen to the lowest setting that you can handle will help save that battery. Some phones have an auto brightness setting which is really beneficial.
The more push notifications = more battery drainage
Do you need to be notified every time an email comes in or someone replies to a comment on facebook? If not turn them off. Your settings will have different options for you to turn on and off push notifications. 
Vibrate mode.
This surprised us…but vibrate uses more battery. 
Airplane mode
We don’t use this enough. This brilliant setting will save your battery. Switching to this mode stops all connections. So if you are trying to get your battery to last the day and you are out and about, switch to this mode when you are not going to need the phone and it will keep your battery at the same level. 
A poor signal strength
This is the biggest user of battery. If you are in an area with poor signal then this is a great time to use the airplane mode.
Don’t let your battery overheat
Heat is not good for battery’s. Keep an eye when you are using it for too long or when you are charging.
Do you really need location tracking?
Its really helpful when using maps but other than that is it necessary? It really drains your battery so switch it off it you don’t use it.

Your Apps
Some apps on your phone will use more battery than others. In your settings you can see what uses more. Deleting apps that you don’t use will free up space and extend the battery life.


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