8 Things we let the kids away with in the summer...

What is it about summer that makes us throw the rule book out the window?

What is it about Summer that makes us throw the rule book out the window?
Is it the sunshine (some days), the school holidays or the stretch in the evenings? Whatever the reason, here are the things that we let might let things slip:
  • Running around in the garden with barefeet – kids love the feel of the grass beneath their toes and typically it’s not as muddy as the Winter.
  • It’s hard to stick to the usual bedtime when the sun’s still peaking through the window and if they have nothing on the next morning there’s no harm letting them stay up a bit later.
  • During the cooler months ice cream only gets whipped out for parties or the cinema; in the Summer we don’t need an excuse.
  • It’s great to sit down at the table as a family but when it’s warmer al fresco dining is a lovely alternative.
  • On a sunny morning children are raring to get outside the minute they get up, when there’s a chill in the air they’d be made to get dressed in warm clothes and boots however if it’s hot they’re allowed to potter around outside in their pyjamas.
  • Water fights are one of the best ways to cool down and you won’t worry about them being soaked through, as long as they don’t drip all over the house…
  • Porridge is the perfect pick me up on cold mornings but in the Summer it’s more a case of pick and mix. Pancakes, berries, yogurt and waffles; it’s almost a case of anything goes.
  • When they haven’t got school it’s nice to let them experiment a bit with their outfits, whether they fancy wearing a tutu or dressing up like Woody from Toy Story, you can let their imagination run wild.


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