8 Essentials that kids should know

There are some simple things in life that can go a long way with your kids

From the time your little one is born it is all about learning and discovering the world around them, each day will bring new changes and challenges. As a parent we all want to teach our chlidren the simple but important life lessons that we were thought by our parents. We have compiled a list of 8 things every child can benefit from knowing.
Minding your manners, being polite and mannerly is important at every stage in life. Encouraging kid’s at an early age to be mannerly will mean that it will come naturally to them later in life. Of course all tots will have their off days and subsequent tantrums, but encouraging children to say “thank you” and “please” will benefit them in the long run.
Respect. This can be thought at a very young age. Children should know that breaking a sibling’s toy on purpose is not nice  and will upset them. Kids will follow your lead in having respect for their elders. Encourage them to open door and give up a seat for an older person. 
Be honest. It might not always be the easiest path but it is the right one. We usually teach our children from a young age that telling fibs only leads to trouble. As a family it is important to trust each other and being honest in a home will lead to a healthier environment overall.
Try new things, Encourage your children to try new sports, going to new places and meet other children outside of their normal circle. It will help their social skills no end. They may not be keen on repeating the sport etc after the first encounter however it is the effort of trying that counts
It is ok to have good and bad days. Some days are winners and lots of fun and some aren’t. That is life. If every day was the same it would become very boring. The not-so-great days make the good ones seem even better.
Everybody make mistakes. It is a normal part of life. And mistakes can be a positive thing, if we learn something from them. Im sure all of us would love to travel back in time to fix some things however, it is not possible so move on. Young children and teenagers can mess up and it is good to let them know that we support them and will help them make it right afterwards. 
Be brave but also kind, being strong doesn’t mean you can’t be gentle or kind to others. Of course slide down the largest slide in the park but be encouraging to your pal who is afraid of heights and guide them up there with you. Kids should never forget that being kind will gain them lots of long term friends. 

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