7 ways you can help your kids get along

Sibling rivalry will happen in every family however there are things you can do to encouage greater harmony

If you have more than one child you will be familiar with having kiddies that fight over the most trivial things though they might get along most of the time. Kids will be kids and like adults it is hard to get along with everyone all the time. There are a few things you can do to help encourage peace amongst siblings and we have listed them here to save you from being a constant referee to your kiddie quarrels! 
  • Accept that your children will argue- All kids argue and siblings will definitely find it hard to get along all of the time. However, while it is common for siblings to fight it isn’t easy on parents and can be incredibly frustrating to watch. From the moment your second baby is born you will have to face sibling rivalry and the quarrels that comes with it, but it doesn’t mean the kiddies can’t get along. 
  • Don’t get involved unless you have to- It is best to leave your little ones to try and sort out their disagreements without you stepping in and preventing them from problem solving themselves. Sure by all means step in if the kids are becoming frantic or violent but refrain otherwise and encourage your kids to sort through their issues alone. 
  • Be a good role model- If you want your kids to behave mannerly and treat each other with respect you have to be a good role model to them. If you are the type that screams at your partner for forgetting to do the dishes you are displaying to your kids that it is ok to be aggressive, instead try reminding your partner in a calm and respectable manner for your children to learn from. 
  • Recognise the reasons why your kiddies fight- There are lots of reasons that siblings fight, they may have different temperaments and clash. Your children may be at completely different stages in their life for instance a teenager and an 8-year-old may not get along as they have different interests. Some children simply will battle for their parent’s attention and play up as they are jealous of their sibling, or some kids will just argue for no real reason except that they can! 
  • Give each child some one on one attention- If you can spare the time try to set aside a certain amount of time a week were you sit down or go out with one child and give them some quality time without distractions. It doesn’t have to be all the time but if your children know that they will have a period where they are given special care and attention they will look forward to it and even behave better for it. 
  • Set some ground rules- All families need rules to keep a house running smoothly so don’t forget to include a respect your sibling rule. Remind your kids that they should look out for each other, and discourage slagging off or laughing at one child though it may only be in jest it can hurt a kid’s feelings. 
  • Be a family- Having a good relationship with each other is vital to your family’s happiness and little things like weekend outings and quality time at home are so important. These little things will enhance a better rapport and encourage everyone to spend time together while enjoying each other for the very people that you are.

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