7 rules for being a confident mother

Kids don't come with a manual and nothing prepares you for being a parent

Becoming a confident Mammy isn’t as easy as it sounds, as a lot of women question their abilities as a mother and worry about doing everything right for their kids. The truth is you are doing an incredible job and should be more confident in your parenting skills however here are a few ways you can be a more confident Mammy, and hopefully it helps.
  • Trust in your instincts- Trust that you have the right gut instincts and know how to care for your children and if you do make mistakes you learn from them and move on in a positive way. No one knows everything and parenting is very much on the job experience with little remuneration! 
  • Realize you know what is best for your children- You know your children best and therefore you know what is best for them now and in the future. Parenting takes a lot of patience, respect and trust for you and your children so teach them from a young age what is acceptable and what is not. In turn you will also treat them as they like to be treated, as this will make for a much better Mother/child relationship. 
  • Don’t try to be like everyone else- Just because another Mam does something doesn’t mean you have to do the same, as everyone is different and everyone has the right to parent as they like. Try not to follow the others and be an individual who will pass on those characteristics to your children. 
  • Learn from your own mother good or bad- If your Mother was an incredible Mammy take notes from her and use them to be as great as she was to you when you were little. If you had a Mother who wasn’t the best at parenting learn from that and be the kind of Mam that you wished and hoped for when you were small, either way you can learn from your own Mother. 
  • Be consistent in all Mammy things- You can grow in confidence by being consistent in your decisions regarding your kids as you will all always know where you stand. Choose your discipline style and stick to it, so there is no surprises and you can believe in yourself and what you are doing. 
  • Spend some time away from the kids- A happy, contented Mammy is only calm and confident when she is well rested and gets time for herself. Don’t feel guilty about taking a few hours in the week to do as you like and not just be a Mammy to your kids, you are also a person. You can be a better parent after a few hours rest so put this on the to do list and make sure you always get “me time”. 
  • Look after your marriage- Being a happy Mammy has a lot to do with your relationship with your partner and if you feel loved and cherished you will be more confident. Make sure you and your partner get a few date nights in regularly and talk to each other alone to keep the bond between you both. 
Be a confident Mammy because you are wonderful! 

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