7 reasons we love our kids from the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes!

What is it that makes us have this unconditional love for children

Every parent loves their kids, they are the apple of our eyes with a cherry on the top. Even though parenting is tough at times and extremely tiring, none of us would change it for the world. What did we actually do with all our free time pre kids anyway? Now we (parents) are always busy and in a good way, having kids is the most important thing we will ever do.
Here are some of the reasons why:
  • They are beautiful and therefore life is pretty damn beautiful too just by having our little munchkins in it. Never has  a person looked at another, seeing pure perfection until their child is born, you spend hours staring at them in a total love haze.
  • They make you incredibly happy and delighted in a way no one else can or ever could. Every day for the rest of your life these little ones will occupy your mind, and every step of their lives you will be there holding their hand or guiding them along. 
  • There is nothing nicer than the cuddles and kisses that you get from your kids. You are simply the most important people in the world to them and they are never shy about letting you know it (until the age of 4 anyway!)
  • Having these little people around will mean you will never get bored as they will keep you fully entertained, often at unacceptable hours of the night but who cares! The feeling of pride that you get when one of your kids achieves something is so amazing it is difficult to describe. 
  • Kids have the imagination and creativeness only an author can dream about. A box can be a castle and a blanket a home. They will play with anything and have hours of fun building secret hideouts. One minute they will be princesses at a tea party and the next astronauts walking on the moon. It is an amazing place to be and no matter how wild or crazy their little worlds are it is great to see them have fun, afterall they will have to deal with reality for long enough 
  • Every child is different and each has their own talents and abilities, quite simply they are one in a million. No two children are the same and even if you have a large family you will find each of your children has their own personality and identity. That is what makes them so special or we probably would only have one if they turned out all the same!
Appreciate every single moment with them, they are only small for a little while!

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