7 easy April fools pranks to do on your kids

These are guaranteed to get a laugh from your little ones!

For April Fools day it's fun to see your kids reaction by playing a trick on them. These 7 pranks are perfect for getting a laugh from your family.
Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to act like one!
  • Slit open a packet of crisps at the end and refill with shredded paper/ or something else small enough to fit in. Cello tape the packet back shut and put back into the press!
  • Make yellow/orange jelly in a glass and leave it to set this evening in the fridge. Give it to your child for breakfast instead with their cereal instead of orange juice.
  • Add green or blue colouring to your milk carton and watch their faces as they pour it into their cereal.
  • Write a cute message or draw some spiders on toilet roll and roll it back up again. Leave it back beside the toilet.
  • Put a bowl of cereal into the freezer tonight and serve in the morning.
  • Put on your clothes backwards and walk around the house like it is completely normal.
  • Swop all the shoes in your wardrobe with theirs.

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