7 Big Mistakes We Make Washing Our Jeans

Are you mistreating your much-loved wardrobe staple? Follow these tips to care for your denims so your favourite jeans will last you for years

Keep your favourite pair looking better, longer.

Some swear you should never machine wash jeans but most of us toss our fav wardrobe staple in the washing machine along with other clothes every week. To maintain your blessed blues and blacks looking as new as possible, be sure to steer clear of these denim-damaging mistakes.
#1 Washing right side out

The first mistake we’re making is leaving our jeans right side out when washing. No matter the cycle always turn them inside-out to reduce abrasion. Zip all zippers and fasten all buttons and also.
#2 Washing too often
As a rule of thumb, wash your jeans after about 5 wears. Washing too often deteriorates the fabric and colour. Denim masks dirt well so they don’t need to be washed all the time.

#3 Washing too many at once

You might be trying to get your laundry days over and done with but cramming too many pairs of denims into the machine will increase the chance of snags caused by their zips. Your jeans will be much better washed when they have a bit of room to move during the cycle and don't emerge from the machines in a tangled knot.
#4 Choosing the wrong cycle
The newer you want your jeans to look, the gentler you have to wash them. It's best to wash them in cold water, select one of the gentler cycles, and dry them at a low temperature.

#5 Not using a color-preserving detergent

Look for a washing detergent with anti-fade properties. They have ingredients to help fabrics hold onto dyes and to deactivate the chlorine in the water that can fade denim colours. If you want to keep your dark jeans dark, it's worth investing in a special detergent.

#6 Using a dryer

Opt for line-drying or drying flat in the shade to extend the life of your jeans. Using a dryer will fry the fabric and cause shrinkage. If you have to use the dryer, use a cool temperature setting and remove them when slightly damp and allow to air dry for the rest of the time required.

#7 Not pulling when wet into shape

If you leave your jeans crinkled up they will stay that way when dried, so keep your jeans in great shape by gently pulling them back to shape when damp.

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