6 Things to Plan to Ensure There's Magic In Your Home This Christmas Season

It can be a bit of a struggle to keep the magic alive when a family may have an array of ages and different stages to contend with.

We couldn't help but notice a bit of frustration from parents towards a "certain" very popular TV Christmas advert. The much anticipated ad is being criticised for a scene where a parent is assembling a child's Christmas toy with no involvement from Santa Claus. It got us thinking here at HQ. It can be a bit of a struggle to keep the magic alive when a family may have an array of ages and different stages to contend with.
Here are some of our tried and tested ways of keeping the magic alive for the entire family this Christmas
  • Order or make a Christmas Eve box. Simply find a festive looking box or wrap a shoe box in Christmas wrapping paper. Fill it with Christmas PJs, a Christmas themed DVD and your children's favourite treats. It can only be opened on Christmas eve and is enjoyed by everyone in the family, including us parents. It really is a lovely tradition to begin.
  • Keep an element of surprise. Perhaps you do Kris Krindle or perhaps the kids have asked for a very specific toy or gift. Make it a condition that something has to involve a little surprise. Older kids will actually love this one even if they are initially less than enthusiastic. There is nothing like a little surprise.
  • Have a Christmas Eve feast. Christmas Day can be quite stressful for a lot of families believe it or not. A lot of people to please, places to go to and more rushing and racing than any other day of the year. Make Christmas Eve a family tradition. Enjoy being in your own home with Cosy Pjs, fancy snacks you wouldn't otherwise justify and a cheeky glass of mulled wine for the adults. It really gets the excitement going.
  • Don't forget the simple things. A letter from Santa, reindeer food and fake snow. It all ads to the magic no matter what your age is.
  • Embrace modern practices like Elf On The Shelf. This will appeal to teenagers who will love the social media element of it. It is creative and involves the whole family.
  • Christmas movies, Christmas Baking, Christmas Jumpers & Christmas Music. Anything that makes those precious couple of weeks feel a little bit magical. These are the things that make the day more about the family experience rather than the visit from the man in the red suit. 

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