6 Reasons Why Irish Women are the Greatest in the WORLD!

Irish Women Really Aren't Praised Enough!

Irish Women Really Aren’t Praised Enough!
Why Irish Women are the Greatest in the WORLD and here's why!
  • Irish women are always there for each another. It’s a true sisterhood! Except for when that “wan” Sarah starts talking too much, and who really could do with getting her roots done! This is a great quality that sets them apart from their cosmopolitan counterparts internationally.
  • Irish ladies are always great for a white lie – on the spot! It’s a talent!
  • Irish women are about as subtle as a flying brick. There’s no beating around the bush here! Fast and Furious is not just a movie about cars you know!
  • Irish women who are mums don’t appreciate being told how to raise their children and will protect them and their reputation at all costs. They believe it's therapeutic to open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on a Monday and discuss how that wagon up the road should keep her opinions to herself. ‘What does she know about raising kids anyway?'
  • Irish Women are among the best looking in the word. How? The internet tells us so…
  • Finally the biggest reason Irish women are the best in the world is because a list like this is wasted on them. They are far too busy (thank you very much) living their lives to be taken in by a cynical list like this. No, not us Irish women, nope, we’re too smart for that!


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