6 Reasons to have more kids!

Here are a few good and somewhat slapstick reasons why you should have more kids!

Having a kid is great fun and of course tiring but they say you can never have too much of a good thing and children are “a good thing.” However, making the decision to have more kids is a difficult one, you may have two and consider three an odd number but sure go on and have four so! The more the merrier if it is what you want and just to help you along the way (or to convince someone else!) here are a few good and somewhat slapstick reasons why you should have more kids!
  • You like them- Now I know we all love our kids but liking them is quite another story, some parents find their nippers annoying, needy or frustrating and this is true but for other parents it will not bother them. Each to their own and no one should feel guilty for finding it a struggle but if you “like” kids and can’t get enough of them sure go fire up the candles and get some “voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” If you know what I mean?!
  • Financially stability- It is all well and good having more kids but can you afford them as in case you missed the memo these pints sized and very opinionated kids are damn pricey! It will help if you have a few bob and will not be under any pressures if you or your partner decide to stay at home with the kiddies. Money might not be everything but it helps; a lot.
  • Loving the parenting craic altogether- You are the mammy that is drunk on love and the one who coos over their kids from morning to night even though the little one s*&t on you earlier! You probably shouldn’t care if the kids have tantrums and not take it all so seriously. In short you embrace the madness!
  • Each child teaches you something different- Kids aren’t the same even though you raise them the same and they came out of the same… Anyway, they are different, right? So, each one will show you their ways and teach you to accept flaws in each other. Each kid will have their own personality and traits making them completely different from their siblings and that is fun!
  • You’ll be too busy to sit down- Looking to lose some weight or hoping to keep fit? Well, kids will ensure you are kept on your toes so much you may barely get to sit down unless it is by their bedside reading a bedtime story while falling asleep after been running from room to room with their little messer all day! Exercise a plenty!
  • They will care for you in the future; I hope! - Getting old is inevitable and one will need caring for in the future so best to better your chances and have plenty of kids to care for you! Usually one kid will move away so you can forget about that one and may have to rely on the children in your area. Not that you want to be a burden but you know? They owe you, right?!
There you have it… I can hear “Let’s get it on” already!!

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