6 alternative ideas on what to give up for Lent

Are you stuck for some inspiration on what to give up for Lent? We have a few ideas for you.

Lent starts this week!
Traditionally Lent is a time where people fast from food and festivities ahead of Easter.
I learned about Lent as a child, growing up Catholic. Every year I’d promise to give up sweets, and every year, I blew it. And missed the whole point. WHY DOES JESUS HATE CHOCOLATE?
If you’re finding it difficult to come up with ideas this year on what you can give up that you’ll stick to, we have come up with a few alternatives that might be worth a try.
  • Takeaway coffee: Get yourself a reusable coffee cup, and fill it before you leave home. You will notice the pennies and the pounds (not just the ones in your wallet!).
  • Meat: Why not try vegetarian food for six weeks. It will mean that you will try new recipes and will be healthier in the process. try vegetarianism for Lent. It’s a great opportunity to try out new recipes.
  • Negativity: Try not to gossip or give out about people. The more positive that you are to people, the more positive they will be in return.
  • Stop getting up late: If you get up 10 minutes earlier, it will give you more time for yourself to have breakfast and  a more relaxed commute to work/school run.
  • Or your other option is to do something: You can spend more time with your spouse or kids, do something nice for someone every day (that you wouldn’t normally do), If you are someone who can be late – try to be on time, getting some exercise. 
  • Instead of expecting to keep something up past the point that you can't even remember what it’s all about, maybe focus on something small each day. One simple intention to practice each day? 

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