5 Ways to Get Through a Hangover When You're a Parent

Trying to deal with a hangover with kids is close to impossible! So try these...

Since I became a parent, my hardcore party nights are long gone!
Now, a night out is normally planned a month in advance and before I leave the house I am dreading the hangover the next day. That being said… for my own sanity and headspace – it has to be done.
Let’s just get this out there nice and early – hangovers are not fun and since I’ve become a parent they have gotten worse - because trying to deal with a hangover while I have kids who need attention and breakfast and nappy changes is close to impossible!
When you have a headache and are exhausted, or heaven forbid, ill, changing a kid’s nappy, making eggs and watching Peppa through one eye is pure torture. I’m speaking from experience here!
So to ensure that you can still have the 'odd night out', enjoy a few tipples and not be as sick as a small hospital the next day I thought I’d share some of my own tips and tricks with you. These are well honed as I can assure you that, for your kids, ‘tomorrow’ is always just another day, and in the morning the ‘show must go on’!
  • For every drink you drink, have a glass of water. Still, sparking, tap, bottled – it doesn’t matter. So long as it’s H20.
  • EAT. This one might seem really obvious, but the more grub you have in your belly throughout the night, the better you will feel in the morning. You see I’ve convinced myself that if I have food in my tummy, it will help me to absorb the alcohol so I won’t get as drunk. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t how it actually works, but psychologically it ensures that I eat!
  • Keep a bottle of water (sports cap is ideal as it means you don't really have to lift your head up too high) by your bed and every time your kids wake you up take a few big sips.
  • Do whatever you have to do to get your kids to sleep a little longer in the morning- for me it’s letting them stay up a little later with the babysitter so they sleep for an extra hour in the morning (it sometimes actually works!) If that doesn’t work - figure out a way to keep them quiet for a while when they rise! Maybe it’s a movie or video game- but a quiet one.
  • Very importantly, eat when you wake. You’ll probably not want to – but it makes me feel better. Carbohydrates with some greasy fare is my go-to hangover craving. 
Good luck xxx

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