5 Tips On How To Keep Calm As A Busy Parent

Why do our kids always seem to test our patience on the busiest of days?

Why do our kids always seem to test our patience on the busiest of days?
As a parent of little ones, one of my biggest challenges at the moment is keeping calm and patient with them.
Lack of sleep, stress and having three under three and a half all contribute to my patience not being the best that it could be. It is something I try to work on, daily.
Here are my 5 top tips on keeping calm as a busy parent!
  • Use YES: As small as this may seem, saying yes can make a BIG difference. From my personal experience, in your mood and also in your child’s behaviour. We as parents can get into a habit of answering “no” to the hundreds of questions fired at us daily. Start using yes. Most of my yes answers follow with a “but” “Yes you can have a snack, but you have to tidy your toys up first” instead of my usual “no you cant have a snack until you tidy up your toys” For me, the positive spin in using a yes instead of a no makes a big difference to both my mood and my children’s behaviour.
  • Join a group: There is no better way to vent than to vent with people venting about the same issues!! Joining a group is always one of my biggest suggestions to any new parent. Being around other parents and talking is amazing for the mind. Its nice to know you’re not alone. It is really uplifting.
  • Get a hobby: A great way to relieve stress and clear the mind is to do something you enjoy. Something you can look forward to, even just once a week. An hour a week to just be you and enjoy something just for you. It’s amazing what an hour away from the house can do to recharge your brain!
  • Leave the house: A big one for me. Its so important to leave the house. Even just for a half an hour walk or to meet a friend one or two mornings a week. Staying in the house looking at all the housework you have yet to do, or staying in with the little ones with no adult conversation all day is not great for the mind. Getting out of the house lifts my mood and makes me feel a lot more patient and calm for the rest of the day.
  • Get Organised: This is my biggest tip for any parent! Nothing contributes more to a calm and stress-free day than being organised from the night before. Uniforms, lunches, clothes and I even like to have all my bits ready for the dinner I’m going to be making the next day. Helps me feel calm and less stressed and in turn a more patient mum.
Written by Laura Doyle.
Laura blogs over at Love, Life and Little Ones. She's a 29-year-old mum of three and part time beauty therapist! She's 4 kids and loves writing about all things parenting, beauty and lifestyle related.
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Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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