5 Simple ways to teaching your children good habits

Looking for a few wily ways to teach some major life lessons to your kids? Consider these ingenious ideas.

Looking for a few wily ways to teach some major life lessons to your kids?
Consider these ingenious ideas.
Proper Hygiene
Make washing hands, brushing teeth and having a bath lots of fun by singing songs and using toys. Kids love their own independence, and with the use of a simple timer for brushing their teeth and washing hands you can rest assured that your little ones have lots of fun on their own whilst learning a huge life-long lesson.
Being Polite
Maybe try a little reverse psychology and let the kids be in charge of ‘manners’ for the day.  Let them take turns wearing a toy police badge and acting as ‘Mr or Ms Manners’ for the day, writing tickets to Mammy, Daddy, and anyone else in the house who forgets to say “please,” talks with their mouth full, or interrupts a conversation. The person with the least tickets gets a simple reward.
Healthy Diet
It can be difficult to do this sometimes especially if there are fussy eaters in the house. Instead of producing a new meal of lots of food they haven’t tried before, introduce small amounts of healthy food into their favourite dish. Try putting chickpeas into Spag Bol, or mashing some avocado onto a nice cracker, some spinach in their Lasagne. It can be difficult to try but the hard work should pay off.
Money management
Playing board games such as Monopoly as a family is a great fun and with a little extra strategy on your part, it can also be a great learning exercise. You can teach them the concepts of – buying, selling, renting, paying taxes, donating to charity, and saving for that rainy day! Keep the mood light-hearted, but always look for opportunities to show and tell kids how to be penny-wise in the real world.
Enjoying exercise
If you have a child that loves their screen time a little too much, try to encourage them outside by making it fun with their favourite people. Maybe inviting their friends over, asking a cousin/neighbour that is older to play with them or simply going out with them to join in on the fun.
Hopefully these simple ideas will have some positive changes in your family if needed! x

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