5 Achievable New Year's Resolutions!

I am all over this!

I am all over this!
I'm not starting anything on the first day of the New Year. In one week I am going to “begin” all of my new years resolutions. Even if I only accomplish the actually beginning of them, I know this is an achievement in itself. You are only kidding yourself if you think you are going to start everything on the 1st. It usually ends up failing with an ounce of guilt thrown in. Who needs that? Let’s think positive and start gradually.
  • Day 1 I'm ff to Penneys to buy low cost gym gear because there's no point splashing out on expensive Nike’s unless your going to keep up with the fitness regime. While I am not self doubting myself, I like to be a bit cautious.
  • Go food shopping with a healthy concious mind. Walk straight past the sweet aisle - those special offer tinned chocolates are for Christmas only. Christmas is over. Instead I will choose some lovely humous & carrots, wheat crackers instead of bread, lots and lots of fruit & veg that I promise not to throw out. Salad for sides with my (non roasted in lots of butter) baked potatoes and steamed chicken. 
  • Don’t give up chocolate altogether – but I'll attempt to replace it with a high cocoa content...I'm feeling tightness in the chest area as I write this!
  • I feel like I drank enough wine last year to keep the Titanic afloat so I'm ging to replace this with a light beer.
  • Plan a schedule for using my new gym gear; either waking early and kick starting the morning with a brisk walk or hitting the streets with a friend in the evening. Dark evenings are not an excuse!
I feel that this is definitely enough for one human being to begin with...This whole “planning”exercise, in itself, has given me a great boost  and I am about to hit print and pop it up on the fridge door. Remember think positive and JUST DO IT!
What's yours?

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