40 Things ALL mums can relate to!

Not a thing on this earth can prepare you for motherhood. Not. A. Thing! This list is undeniably true!

The past eight years have thought me a lot about motherhood.
It’s amazing, rewarding, hard work and did I mention hard work? Not a thing on this earth can prepare you for it. Not. A. Thing!
So I thought, why not put together 40 things to try and capture the bits that make up so many of us mum’s hours and days. Oh and nights. Lots of nights. And years…….
  • You are pretty much embarrassment-proof. After a few years in the business there’s not a lot that makes you blush anymore.
  • A trip to the supermarket ALONE is considered an impromptu getaway!
  • You buy enough milk on a weekly basis to own your own cow.
  • The faintest sight of a bit of lip gloss and mascara and your kid’s panic that you are ‘going out’.
  • If you don’t replace the toilet paper – it never happens.
  • You know the names of all of the trains from Thomas the Tank Engine and their colours.
  • Pushing the buggy uphill is your idea of a workout.
  • When driving by yourself your kids music or nursery rhymes could still be playing (and you often join in!)
  • You can’t remember the last time you ate a meal while it was still ‘warm’.
  • You wish there was a ‘drive through everything’.
  • You can do 33 things all at the same time. You do more multitasking in an average day than any CEO.
  • Time in the toilet alone is the height of luxury.
  • You can change a nappy in the dark at 3am.
  • A business trip by yourself, in a hotel, with the bed to yourself feels like a holiday.
  • You mix up the names of your children.
  • Home alone and you lose the will to live at the thought of putting all of your kids to bed.
  • You save lives on a daily basis. You should have a siren on your car!
  • You take it personally when strangers don’t wave back to your smiling baby.
  • You cry with sheer joy when one of your kids eats carrots for the first time.
  • You’ve convinced yourself more than once that pizza has all the food groups.
  • You haven’t slept properly since pre pregnancy.
  • You have clothes in three different sizes hanging in your wardrobe.
  • Coffee is one of your best friends.
  • You despise happy meal toys.
  • Your hugs and kisses have mystical, healing properties.
  • You’ve thought about inventing GPS for kids.
  • You have several story books memorised – and only use them for the pictures for the kids.
  • Your facebook page reads like a love letter to your children.
  • Your idea of luxury is when someone else folds the laundry.
  • You’ve convinced your kids that picking up toys is a “game.”
  • Some days watching them play are your proudest moments.
  • Blue Tack is another one of your best friends. As is chocolate.
  • Cereal and Toast can make up an entire day’s meal planner for one of your kids.
  • One of your biggest hardships is matching socks.
  • Cutting little people’s toe nails terrifies you.
  • You’ve Googled seriously questionable phrases.
  • You carry spare lollies in your bag for ‘just in case’ moments.
  • Your kids use your phone more than you do.
  • You think you can cut Toddler hair. You soon discover you can’t!
  • You are loved so much. You are the center of someone’s world and you love deeper than you ever thought possible! 

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