4 Important Things To Remember This Summer

Summer holidays are approaching fast, and while all your focus may be on planning trips away, it’s important to remember about your health and safety. 

Summer holidays are approaching fast, and while all your focus may be on planning trips away, days out, or fun activities, it’s important to remember about your health and safety.
Follow the tips below and you’ll be sure to have a fun and safe summer!
1. Stay hydrated
Despite the fact we don’t get the warmest of summers in Ireland, it is still very easy to get dehydrated in the summer months. Before heading outdoors, drink a full glass of water. Always remember to take water breaks every 20 minutes when you are active outside. Even if you are not very active and just lounging by the pool or sunbathing, you still need frequent drinks. Aside from hydrating, water also helps cool down body temperature. Signs of dehydration include lack of energy, headache, and dizziness.
2. Keep cool
So many people, especially those not used to the heat, get sun stroke every year! It can be very serious for a small child to get it. Do not stay out in direct sunlight for more than an hour at a time to avoid sunstroke. Also, avoid intense exercise on hot days. If you or your kids ever become lightheaded, dizzy, tired and weak in the sun, move to a shaded area and get help immediately.
3. Sunscreen
Have a bottle of sunscreen in your handbag at all times! It is so important. Even if it is not particularly warm out, any bit of sun can put you and your kids are at risk of sunburn. Apply sunscreen every two hours when outdoors and if you’re in the water at any time, always re-apply it. For extra protection, use sunglasses and a sun hat.
4. Keep the alcohol to a minimum
It’s always nice to enjoy a cold, alcoholic beverage on warm summer days. But combine alcohol with the heat, you will be sure to get dehydrated. Try making mocktails instead! They taste just as nice and will save you getting dehydrated. If you’re not a fan of mocktails, alternate each alcoholic drink with a refreshing glass of water.
Lauren Kennedy is a SAHM of two boys, a business owner and digital creator. She is the owner and founder of Books and Charmsand blogs at Harmonize. You can follow her on Instagram.

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