3 ways you can make the way you celebrate your kids birthday SO special

These ideas are simple, easy, and loving.

These ideas are simple, easy, and loving.
They'll make the build up to their special day and the day itself awesome!
Make a Paper Birthday Chain
If your little one is old enough to understand the days of the week and how to count down days- this is a great idea! 
Add 14 paper rings to make the chain.  Each night let your son or daughter rip off a chain, and count how many chains until his/her birthday.
It’s a fun way to build excitement for their special day.
Have a Yes Day
It's a fun way to really connect with and have a fun play day with your kid. It's also great way to celebrate their birthday if they are having a party to mark it on another day - like the following Saturday for example.
Basically, you let your child decide on what you’re both going to do that day.
Play Football? Yes!
Playground? Yes!
It's a cool way to make great memories for your child and make the day of their actual birthday really special!
A Surprise in the Morning
So simple and SO much fun.
Blow up a few balloons after your darling has gone to sleep. and hang them from their doorway using ribbon. They'll wake up the next morning to a fun birthday surprise of balloons and start the day off magically!

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