3 Ways I've Insulted My Non-Parent Friends

Are you guilty of any of these?

Once you enter the arena of The Parent Club, your life drastically changes in so many, many ways.
It’s hard to describe it to any non-parents you know. You think to yourself “they just don’t know how hard it is”. And to be fair, they don’t- but it’s hardly their fault. We can’t blame them for this, can we?
Here are a three things I am guilty of saying/doing to my non parent friends. Do any of these sound familiar?
I’ve made conversations a competition.
“You think you're tired (although you can replace the word tired with anything really)! Try having kids!”
“I haven’t showered in three days”
“Busy? Try juggling football, piano and play dates…”

Tired, stressed, in pain, hot, hungry- it doesn't matter. They all apply to everyone. Too often, I downplay my non-parent friend’s concerns by pulling mine out and tossing them on the table. Eeek- My Bad!
I’ve often posted articles on social media like:

“A million things a non-parent should NEVER say to a parent!”
I can see now as I type it in black and white why this might irritate my non parent friends.
So try sharing this article instead.They’ll love you for it!
I’ve said things like:
“You do want kids. Of course you do!"
"You’ll change your mind, wait and see!"
"They’ll be the making of ye!"
"I didn’t know what love was until I had my first baby."
"My life was so empty before I had my children.”
They must have wanted to shoot me! I may as well have said “My life didn't have meaning before I had kids!” Which translates to: “My life was meaningless before I had kids” which is really insulting when I came to think about it.
How about you - any others to add?

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