26 Reasons why I arrived at the school gate like a crazywoman this morning!

Did you ever have one of THOSE mornings with kids where it all goes wrong?

As every Mom knows mornings can be a bit well...hectic. And then there are THOSE mornings that are down right mad. Here are the 26 reasons that I looked like a crazy woman when I arrived at the school gate this morning.
  • Having hit the snooze button once, I start my day10 minutes late. Reason: 2 kids with a variety of different complaints were up during the night.
  • Realise when I get into shower that I am out of shower gel. Resort to Johnsons kids shampoo. 
  • Kids have got ready for school into each others uniforms. Neither have noticed, despite their 3 year age gap.
  • My toddler is insisting on getting his clothes changed before breakfast (not recommended)
  • Toddler is further insisting on having honey on his cereal 
  • Toddler now wants breakfast heated but doesn’t want honey heated. 
  • Proceed to scrape honey from breakfast, heat breakfast, reapply honey.
  • A futile 10 minutes is spent persuading my 7 year old to wear a particular coat to school. He eventually gives in but then cant find it, so he gets his way and I know I shouldn't have even bothered.
  • A last minute request is made for porridge, I reluctantly agree as the ‘good healthy Mom’ part of my brain is telling me that it is nutritious and will fill them until lunch.
  • Send kids to bathroom to clean their teeth.
  • Toddler spills his breakfast over the table, floor and himself. He is now inconsolable. 
  • Clean up mess over table, floor and baby, remake breakfast with honey.
  • Run upstairs to get a replacement outfit for toddler.
  • Forgot about porridge which has now started to burn on the hob. 
  • Am reminded that kids need to bring in money to buy a book at school. Wallet is empty so raid my son's communion money (from last May which still is not deposited into credit union)
  • Write an IOU for communion money in case I forget to replace. 
  • The kids are fighting over a ball from the pound shop which, despite spending a small mortgage on footballs over the years, seems to be the only one of interest to them at this point in time.
  • Check that kids have brushed their teeth and discover middle son hasn’t so send him back up stairs. 
  • Middle son returns downstairs with toothpaste dripping down his jumper.
  • Run upstairs to get a replacement jumper for him.
  • Exit house with kids, putting house alarm on and locking the door. 
  • Realise eldest son has forgotten his lunch.
  • Go back to get it which involves unlocking door, turning off alarm. getting lunchbox, reseting alarm, relocking door 
  • Now I’m officially LATE. aaagghh
  • Kids insist that we ‘park and stride’ which involves parking a distance from the school and walking – not originally part of this mornings plans.
  • We eventually skid up to the school gate to the sound of the school bell and breath a sigh of relief..that morning is over.

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