21 Signs You're Actually Turning Into Your Mother

You do eventually turn into your own mum, no matter how hard you may try to deny it.

It’s true, you do eventually turn into your own mum, no matter how hard you may try to deny it.
Growing up, your mum no doubt had some traits or said some things that you swore you never would.
But now, years later with your own kids in tow, you find yourself actually hearing your own mother come out of your mouth.  
Don’t believe us? See how many of these ring through.
  • You’ve heard your mum’s voice come out of your mouth.
  • You’ve said “were you born in a barn” more times than you care to think about
  • You’re constantly reminding your kids about the starving children in Africa when they don’t eat their dinner.
  • You clean before the cleaner comes
  • One glass of wine will give you the jitters and hangovers are the worst
  • Your idea of a good night out is staying in
  • Your Friday night is not the same if you miss The Late Late Show
  • You’re AWAYS devastated when you don’t win the Late Late competition
  • If you’re not in bed by 10 pm you know tomorrow is ruined
  • You have snacks in your bag, just in case
  • Comfort over style any day
  • You’ve counted to five at least 10 times already today
  • You make noises when you sit down and when you stand up
  • You collect the ketchup sachets from McDonald’s because “they’ll come in handy”
  • You kids have told you on numerous occasions that you are not cool
  • You wore the same outfit as your mum to a family party
  • You have a 4 pm nap every afternoon
  • You hate when visitors tell you they are calling over because “the house is always a mess”
  • You schedule your evening around Coronation Street
  • You wear your dressing gown around the house to save on the heating
  • You actually understand the saying “just wait until you have kids of your own”
So... have you turned into your mother yet...?  
Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321

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