17 April Fool's Day Pranks To Play On The Kids

April Fool's Day is a great excuse to play a few little tricks on your kids without feeling guilty! 

April Fool's Day (Monday, 1st April) is a great excuse to play a few little tricks on your kids without feeling guilty!
From putting sellotape over the remote sensor to disappointing them with a mashed potato sundae, there are lots of pranks you can do that won't take too long.
Just bear in mind that they will also no doubt have a few things up their sleeve so watch your back!  
  • Put a bowl with cereal, milk and a spoon into the freezer overnight and then hand it to them the next morning. They'll be wondering why they can't get the spoon out to eat their cereal.
  • Give them a little treat with a very tasty mashed potato sundae. Drizzle a little chocolate and they’ll never know the difference – until they go to take a bite.
  • Set their clock back two hours – remember that the clocks go forward early Monday morning.
  • Give them a tasty cupcake with a mayonnaise icing topping – just add some food colouring and sprinkle on some candy.
  • Fill up a bowl with jellies and leave a note saying Happy April Fool’s Day – watch as your confused children try to figure out what is wrong while you eat all the sweets.
  • Cut a silhouette of a giant spider and stick it to the inside of their lampshade – prepare for the early morning screams.
  • Give them a special April Fool’s Day treat of a chocolate apple - just replace the apple for an onion for the day that's in it! 
  • Re-arrange their chest of drawers and watch as they panic trying to find their clothes.
  • Stuff newspaper into their shoes so they’ll think they’ve grown overnight.
  • Sew their socks halfway down so they can’t get their foot through.
  • Replace the cream in the middle of Oreos with mayonnaise.
  • Paint the bathroom soap with clear nail polish.
  • Hide an alarm clock somewhere in their bedroom – watch as they frantically try to turn it off in the morning.
  • Put clingfilm over the toilet bowl (just be prepared for the clean-up that you know you’ll have to do!).
  • Put grapes in empty sweet wrappers – they’ll be getting a healthy treat surprise.
  • Cover the remote sensor with Sellotape.
  • Swap the cereal bags into different boxes. 
Will you be giving these a go on Monday?


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