13 Things You'll Know To Be True Living In A House Full Of Boys

Farting, burping and peeing feature in a lot of dinner conversations. 

Each one of your children has their own little unique personalities. Some may be loud and boisterous, while others are calm and quiet.
The best thing, however, is that no two siblings are alike. Even if they are both boys or both girls.
However, living in a house full of girls and living in a house full of boys are two very different things.
And we don’t mean blue versus pink or dolls versus cars as these feature in both situations.
What we mean is there are a few, shall we say, universal truths about being in a house with all of one gender.
In this article, it’s all about the boys. And the truth about raising a home full of little men. 
  • Farting and burping are hilarious and they do it. All. The. Time.
  • Poop, wee and snot are totally acceptable dinner conversation. 
  • There is always constant noise and chaos
  • You’ll say 'get your hands out of your trousers’ more times than you’ll care to admit.
  • The jokes are rude and gross.
  • Your fridge empties faster than you can fill it.
  • Play fighting is a normal, everyday activity.
  • Snot bubbles are an actual thing.
  • Rocks are often found clogging up your washing machine.
  • The toilet seat is never down.
  • There is nothing that can’t be climbed on and jumped off.
  • There is pee everywhere. And we don’t just mean all over the bathroom. 
  • There are endless competitions between siblings, none of which will end well.  
  • Clothes are optional.
  • There is plenty of love, cuddles, hugs and kisses though.
How many of these ring true for you? 


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