13 Things that are really hard to do once you have kids

Look away if you are a new Mum to be! Here are things you'll have to live without for a while!

Whilst Motherhood  is one of the most rewarding things we will every do and we love our babies to pieces. There are some things that we have to accept giving up from our pre kids time (well for a couple of years anyway). I’m sure you may not have even noticed but we have compiled our list of things that we have had to put aside for the time being: 
  • Wearing white. Anything white, from jeans, blouses, jumpers. 
  • Having a sick day.Lets face it, when is the last time you lay on the couch for the day, throwing dirty tissues into a pile and wallowing in self pity? Never! Kids school, homework, feeding time and activities must go on. If you have a child under 2, I challenge you to try and have a sick day!
  • Stay Up All Night. Let me just be clear here… staying up because you want to because you are out having so much fun, as opposed to staying up with a child who cant sleep. Although this is one of those things that I think I am happy to let go! Lets call it old age.
  • Getting a solid 8 hours shut eye(without having to go to bed at 9pm for the privilage) Yes this I am looking forward to! On many a night I have been up to check kids coughing, put on a wash (because someone has either peed or got sick in bed), find a pet teddy or soother which has fallen under a cot or bed and many other reasons!
  • Get a lie in (yes you can see a trend here – I kinda like my sleep) These days an 8 or 9am wake up is considered a lie in which my friends are envious of. 
  • Going to the bathroom alone.
  • Talking on the phone without interruption. If you want to find all of your kids, simply pick up the phone, because they have a radar, and once you speak to somone on the phone they will come running at high speed with many requests.
  • Have a hangovergetting the hangover is the easy part! Suffering the next day is another thing. 
  • Going to a posh restaurant. Maybe some of you have children that will sit and eat quietly without having the rest of the restuarant look at you. Not ours! We will have to wait some time for this experience I think.
  • Work from homethis is not impossible but trying to entertain a child and work at the same time should be considered an Olympic sport.
  • Try to get out of the house in a hurryimpossible.  Once one child is ready another will have a dirty nappy, lose a toy that they simply have to bring. And trying to thing of everything for the baby bag is a task in itself.
  • Have a clean house ah well..who cares. Having kids is a great excuse not to.
  • Do nothing. Like absolutely nothing for a whole day. 

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