12 signs you're the older sibling

While being the eldest definitely has its perks, there is also some negatives!

Are you an older sister? If so you should be able to identify with our 12 signs:
  • Your wardrobe is constantly being raided
  • You watched cartoons and played hide and seek until you were far too old – but secretly enjoyed them
  • You ALWAYS got the front seat of the car
  • You always looked out for your younger siblings -  no one was allowed to touch them.
  • You were a baby sitter from the age of 12..and a very willing taxi driver from 18.
  • You don't understand what a hand me down is.
  • There are endless amounts of photos of you as a young child at home. You're even convinced that some of your younger ‘sisters’ are of you also!
  • As you were the first to do everything  you got away with nothing.  By the time it got to the youngest, your parents gave up dishing out punishment. 
  • You thought your younger siblings everything they know.
  • Your siblings are known as ‘your’ sister or brother in school.
  • You’re the first to get a call when something goes wrong.
  • You can say anything to younger siblings but no-one else is allowed to.

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