11 Things That ALWAYS Happen When Shopping in Penneys

From making 'essential' purchases at the checkout to throwing a rage about the sizing. These 10 things are sure to happen during every Penneys shopping spree.

While it's one of our favoutite shops of all time, most of us if not all of us will have gone through the same things whilst shopping in Penneys at some stage.
  • You think you're just popping in "for a few bits". You were wrong. €108 at the till later, kind of wrong!
  • You ignore the urge to pick up a basket and you leave with one arm aching and longer than the other!
  • You buy something ridiculous, that you DO NOT need!
  • The make-up section is your biggest weakness. "Must look away now" (two new lipglosses, a packet of face wipes and a fake tan mit later!)
  • You run in at 9am to get "that dress" that all the fashion bloggers were posting about only to discover that unless you're a size 6 or a size 20, you're out of luck.
  • You consider buying multiple tops of the same size and colour because they're only €9 each
  • You don't bother trying on anything, only to have to bring half of of what you bought back and the Returns Queue is always mental. Now where was the receipt again?
  • The fear takes over with the amount of things you see building up if you did get a basket! You only came in "for a few bits", remember?
  • Being an 12 in some stuff and a 14 in others! Penneys needs to invent a size 13!
  • You end up splurging on more stuff you don't need in the queue (ankle socks, toothpaste, hand sanitizer and the likes!)
  • You end up being served by a bloke on the till on the day you decided to stock up on spotty cotton granny-pants.
Anymore to add?


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