11 Things I want my son to know before he turns 10

One of our family writers pens her wishes for her son

My darling son,
As you turn 10 next month, I know that there are still so many important life lessons that I want to teach you.
I have taken the time to write the more important ones that I hope you will take with you as you grow older.
  • Have courage to stand up for what you believe in Regardless of what others think, if it’s important to you, then don’t allow others to let you believe it’s not. At the young age 9 you are a very strong kid who knows his own mind.  Hold onto this trait.
  • Keep having funAs we grow older, we sometimes can lose that fun element as life gets more serious. One of your most endearing traits is that you are so carefree and take everything in your stride (literally everything, which can drive me insane sometimes) but it’s what people love most about you so please don't change. It will help you through life.
  • For the love of God will you change your socks and pants daily!  You will soon realise how important this is!
  • Choose your life partner because they are smart and fun. A lifetime is a long time to spend with someone who just looks good. And remember looks fade… but a great personality doesn’t.  You want to be with someone that you can talk and laugh with everyday.    
  • No means no: You must always respect other people’s decisions.
  • Treat everyone with respect. Both woman and men. Rich and poor. Young and old. They are all humans.
  • You have been taught how to cook and cleanMake sure you always know how to cook a delicious meal and keep your home clean.
  • Be generous & thoughtful. Remember this doesn’t always mean expensive presents. Sometimes giving your time to someone can be the best present of all. So when i'm old (er) and grey (er) don’t forget to call over for a cuppa or a glass of wine and a giggle. 
  • Always do your best.No matter what you are doing. Whether it is your homework, college work, occupation or sport.  Be happy that whatever result you have achieved, was the best possible for you. 
  • Express your feelings: It's good to talk and tell others how you feel.
  • Always remember that Family is so importantand whilst you will make many friends along your journey, your family will always love you unconditionally.
Love always, Mum x 
Remember your family will love you always


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