11 everyday reminders that you are a mum!

Yes I know you're thinking I don’t need any reminders, but... just in case

Yes I know your thinking I don’t need any reminders- I know I am a mum, mom, mammy or whatever your little dependent calls you, but just in case it slips your mind for a teeny second here is a few things that shout out at you – you’re a mum!!
  • Your handbag-  it probably looks ok on the outside but if you pop a hand in, it represents motherhood!! You could find sticky lollipops, raisins, snotty tissues, broken stale biscuits, random toy parts, especially if you child gets kinder eggs!! Then there are the spare knickers and socks and endless hairclips and go-gos. Seldom you find anything you own, except your purse and really you share that with your child tooJ
  • Shopping trips- whether it's grocery or clothes there is significant changes in pre-motherhood shopping and after motherhood shopping. Your pre-motherhood trolley would probably consist of your favorites now it’s anything but! Everything is about feeding your child, healthy snacks, treats, dinner ingredients, but there is always room for wine-yay!
  • Clothes shopping mirrors your food shopping. Remember the days of shopping for you alone and the joy of carrying all those bags home? Now it’s the joy of kids shopping and the look of delight on their little faces at the new frozen top you got them. I am not saying that as a mum we don’t shop for ourselves, but more than often I leave the shops with more clothes for my little girl than for myself.
  • Footwear- look at your feet- are you sitting comfy in sky high shoes? The answer is probably nope. Flats or comfy wedges are the new choice of footwear. You realise that after that one trip to the playground in your snazzy heels it’s just not going to happen again. Save them for the date nights.
  • Hair days - Pre-mummy days I washed blowdried and straightened the hair. Now I let it dry naturally and on a time depending day I flick the GHD through it faster than lightening. Failing to GHD it, up it goes into a bun. Do I have fancy clips to decorate it??!! Yes, heart shaped ones and glittery ones! Yes I hold my hands up, I use my daughters to keep any random loose hair at bay!
  • Car journeys- Should at least be mummy’s bit of sanity but oh no, kids CD’s are demanded and don’t even try to change to the radio when you think your child isn’t listening to their CD, because they are and they know as soon as it cuts off!!
  • Daily emails-  pre-mummy days your emails probably where beauty, music based ones now they become jammed with baby/toddler newsletters. When you sign up for baby newsletters it sends links out to every other baby site in the world so you get millions in daily- slight exaggeration but you know what I mean.
  • Morning coffee- not because you enjoy it well you do but more importantly you need it, daily (hourly!) And if the coffee hasn't happened, no one talks to mamma until the cup is in her hand!
  • A break- anyone? We all know this one you know you’re a mum when a trip to the toilet even to hang out the wash is a break! Just that 5 minutes of no-one demanding or calling you, if your lucky!
  • Washing clothes basket- If you thought you washed a lot pre-mummy days, you know now a quick peep in your wash basket reminds you that your tiny army or single army go through a lot of clothes especially if you are toilet training!!
  • Friday nights – This is definitely me every week- I stock up on treats, Late Late Show (incase I missed someone very important!) and my body is glued firmly to the couch. It’s the end of the week and I’m a mum- I am wrecked!
Thanks to Caroline for submitting this. Caroline is mum to two beautiful kids.
Check out Caroline's Instagram page @eire_mummy



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