10 ways to boost your child’s confidence

What do you to if you realise that your child has no confidence or low self-esteem?

10 ways to boost your child’s confidence
It can be a hard to suddenly realise that your child has no confidence or low self-esteem. A few months back my child’s teacher told me she was worried for my daughter and her lack of confidence especially around her peers. She also mentioned how she looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. To hear that was so upsetting on so many levels but mostly because as a parent we are responsible for our little people and the sobering fact was I had taken my eye off the ball.
I was shocked
I was obviously shocked having always labelled my daughter as a quiet, shy reserved girl, the fact was being shy was not the problem it was her ability to mix and have the confidence to speak to or even over her peers.
After the chat with her teacher I came to the conclusion that I had to act now, she was getting older and in hindsight she was getting worse.
I began to read about how we as parents have a vital role in our children’s confidence and their ability to socialize and be happy. At a time when there is so much emphasis (rightly so) on young people and mental health, we all need to be proactive in this.
These are a few little tips for every parent whether you think your child needs them or not...
We could perhaps all do with fostering this approach in parenting. You will be happy to hear after a couple of months of working on these, I’m seeing a visible change albeit small but we are getting there.
  • We need to praise our children when they have done something good, like doing their homework properly or help around the house. You might find that one child that behaves well mostly will be forgotten and the one that is causing mayhem will get more attention! Life gets in the way and suddenly the only time you notice them is when they have misbehaved!
  • We need to be more positive! Yes I know it’s hard when there is a million things to do!! But trust me if your child has less negativity from Mam and Dad he/she will pick up on the good humour and be happier.
  • We could all learn to listen more to our kids and sit down daily with them to go through their day. Taking an interest in their lives away from you will enable them to trust you and who knows when they may need an ear?
  • As above spend time with your child if you are busy during the week, take time at the weekend and play a board game together. You will all enjoy the game and again it gets everyone talking and that quality time can’t be bought.
  • Take an interest, you may not want to hear about Aoife’s dog that got sick! But at least they want to share information with you and by all means soak it up and tell them also about your day in work.
  • Discuss if you don’t agree on something or talk through any issues you have. Even if it is just that they won’t clean their room, treat them with respect and go through your reasons for wanting it done.
  • Let them make mistakes, and show them how to learn from them. There is no point shielding them from everything. They need to realise actions have consequences and how to fix things once they mess up. We all make mistakes! Show them how you have made mistakes in the past.
  • Teach them to work hard at school and tell them how they can be anything they want to be. Success is possible once they have the determination and drive.
  • Try not to nag at them, let them know that their behaviour is wrong but you still love them. Nagging will only push them away and you need to trust each other.
  • Show love to each other and everyone in your family. Cuddle and kiss them and encourage them to not hide away from their feeling whether sad or happy. Tell them no matter what you will always be there for them.

Kindly written by a Family Friendly HQ Anonymous Reader

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