10 Things Parents of Kids at Home for the Summer Will Know

Before the holidays started there was so much blind optimism and forge about the casualties of the summer

Here are 10 things those of us who have our kids home for the whole summer know!
It's best to maintain a healthy sense of humor about it too for sanity!
  • The day starts off with: “Today’s rules are: no fighing, breaking things, or silly crying". This the normal way to start your day.
  • A "Lie In" is 7.12am instead of 7.00am! Love summer sleep ins!
  • The plan to limit screen time goes out the window by 10.30am.
  • You stocked their drawers and wardrobe with cute summer clothes but they'll end up wearing the same 4 items for the 9 weeks!
  • Threats, and quality bribes are vital for survival.
  • The horrid experience of an entire rainy day with kids climbing the walls and under your feet.
  • The fact that the ice cream van always arrives and plays that loud tune just as you're serving up dinner.
  • By the end of week four, there is more dirt and grass in your house than in your back garden.
  • You know exactly how long it is until school starts back - down to the minute!
  • You’ll be doing it all again next year and vow to make a better plan! 

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