10 Things Granny's Used to Say

Granny's could come out with strange things from time to time, but there was always a pearl of wisdom in there. 

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My mums mum was the a-typical ‘granny’, complete with white curly hair and little old glasses. She lived very near to us and we saw her regularly.
Like most granny’s, she came out with some strange things from time to time, but there was always a pearl of wisdom in there and I often long to hear her say one to me again. Some of her best sayings were:
  • “I’ll have your guts for garters“. She’d use this when you were really in a lot of trouble.
  • “Your granddad would turn in his grave“. My granddad died when I was three so I only have one or two memories of him, but by all accounts he was a lovely man. Not quite sure why he would have been so put out or annoyed by half the things she was referring to when she said this, but it was one of her favourites!
  • “All that money on your education“. Although I was generally thought of as quite a clever young lady, I could do some fairly silly things from time to time. She never failed to remind me either.
  • “In for a penny in for a pound”. She as an all or nothing type of lady who didn’t do things by halves.
  • “Don’t start something that you can’t finish”. Like mentioned above, she had a whole hearted attitude to life.
  • “Save black for wearing to funerals”. She hated seeing me wearing black during my teenage Goth years!
  • “If you want something done well do it yourself!”. Granny was also a little bit of a control freak. She was very independent since granddad died.
  • “When I was you age …”This typically went before some big life lesson she was about to bestow upon me.
  • “Have you got clean underwear on in case you get hit by a bus”. This one I understand the meaning of very clearly, but it still makes me smile when I think of the chances. In fact I almost used it with my 7 year old recently, so it's stuck with me!
  • “If you can't be good, be careful”. Above all, granny enjoyed life and encouraged me to live it to the max. She always thought me to life a well behaved life, but to have lots of fun while doing so!
Bless her! x
Have you any to share with us?

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