10 Reasons why I want to be a kid again…

Do you remember being a child and everything was so simple? 

Do you remember being a child and everything was so simple?
Life was full of adventure and fun. 
Even just for one day I would love to be a kid again and here are some of the reasons why.
  • To jump in muddy puddles and get dirty (We have Peppa to thanks for this!) To get the chance to put the wellie boots on and let myself get messy! To experience the simple joy of digging in the muck and rolling down hills.
  • Have a sick day or week. Now as an adult when you are ill you still have to drag yourself up and carry on. To just enjoy being cared for, cuddled up wrapped in a blanket and having someome to run around after you. Feeling like you are the most loved person in the world.
  • Play with toys. Have you seen all the new toys? There are so many nowadays, and they are incredibly entertaining! To take the time to build some Lego or play with a dolly again in her pram would be so much fun!
  • Insult people and get away with it. Only a loose lipped toddler can get away with calling someone fat or having an extremely large nose. As an adult you have to bend the truth and tell little white lies along the way. How refreshing would it be to be honest for just one day? It might get me into trouble though! 
  • Have cool outfits. There choice out there for clothes for kids  in unreal they are really stylish. More importantly a child is purchased clothes by family and friends and doesn’t need to buy them themselves, I could do with mine buying me some trendy clothes still!
  • Go back to school. They say that school days are the best days of your life and they are probably right. If I went back now I would pay more attention and enjoy every day instead of moaning about it. Working and parenting is so much harder.
  • Go to Grandma’s house. Going on an overnight stay or a trip to Grandma’s was such a special occasion. The minute you arrived there was toys, clothes and tasty food, and Grandma would just run around after you fussing. Those were the days!
  • Go and play in the park. I just loved the swings and slides, but now if I’m seen on the swings my kiddies get mad and say I’m embarrassing them! They should have adult parks were it is acceptable to have adults hang out of the monkey bars, I know I would go.
  • Everything is new and amazing. Learning new things and exploring and discovering the world is a marvellous experience. To see the world through a child’s eyes bright, beautiful and perfect with no contradictions.
  • Not have any bills or mortgages to pay. Been able to wake up every day and not have to freak out about the latest gas bill or how life assurance is going up in price. Being completely care free and enjoying every day to the full as life should be lived.
So there it is, I want to be a nipper again to live free from worry! However as this is not possible I try my best to teach my kids to live life to the full and remind them to enjoy every day of growing up, as before they know it they will be like me, a proper adult!


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