10 pieces of advice you would give your 30 year old self

We recently caught up with a few people to get their thoughts

We recently met with a group of 40 plus year olds and asked them what advice they would give to themselves if they were entering their 30's decade.
Here is some of the most popular answers:
  • Look after your family. In your 30’s a lot of people are still lucky enough to have both their parents and young children. They are precious, so mind them both. Try to give at least half an hour every day with a family member. Whether it's a cup of coffee with your parents or a playing a jigsaw with your child, its invaluable.
  • Start saving some of every pay packet for a rainy day or your retirement. You never know when you will need it.
  • Only spend time with people who treat you well. Whether it is work colleagues, friends or neighbours, if they are not a positive influence in your life, then you are better off not being around them.
  • When you become a parent, there is nothing in life that is more important.
  • Invest in those that you care about. Be good to them. Be thoughtful and do nice things for them.
  • You will get more out of life if you focus on the things that you do really well.
  • You are not too old to still take some risks.
  • Don’t invest money in something that you don’t understand.
  • Look after your health. Eat well and get plenty of exercise. Living well is aging well.
  • Be kind to yourself. Try to do something nice for you at least once a month, you deserve it:)
Those 10 years must have imparted lots of wisdom!

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