10 genius Inventions that parents will want to get their hands on

Now why didn't we think of these

Check out the 10 best inventions that we have found for babies and toddlers.
The Oblumi Tapp is a cool little device checks your child’s temperature (by placing on their skin) and then pops into your smartphone. You can calculate medicine dosage or send the temperature information to someone else. It also measures the temperature of your bottles – bonus. Check out their short clip or their website here
Baby Blowout Blocker: A great solution for avoiding nappy blowouts and leaks
This brilliant invention means that any cup can have a straw top in seconds!  The Straw top stretches over and grips the top of any size cup instantly making it spill proof.  How easy does this make eating out or visiting a friends house.
Buzzy is a breakthrough pain blocker that provides natural pain relief in seconds for your little one.
Tired of bringing separate containers out with you when you are on the go with your baby? The mixie bottle allows you to prepare the bottle in advance by and with a push of a button you can  mix the formula with the water so you will have a freshly made bottle with the push of a button.- and only using one hand!
So, you give your adorable child a bowl full of snacks and about one millisecond later the floor is covered in snack. Sound familiar? Well, no more. NOSH has a closing lid that not only keeps snacks fresh, but prevents spills and crumb messes
Tinkle Targets - Construction Theme are an excellent potty training aid for boys. This flushable product encourages to learn how to potty train boys when standing up at the potty or toilet andhelps teach aiming
The Aqua Duck is great for kids who cant reach the sink. Looks fun too. Buy it here.
How many times a day do your kids ask you for a drink? Meet the first hang able cup. This simple but brilliant invention allows kids to get their own drinks
Ever worry if your child is getting enough breastmilk? The milksense is the world’s first breastfeeding monitor that measures how much your baby consumes
FlyeBaby is a hammock- type seat that can be used on an airplane during the cruise portion of the flight as a comfortable and convenient place to put your baby.
It can also attach to most dining room chairs to serve as a portable high chair.

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