Would you know if you'd been given the 'wrong' baby?

Couple traumatised after they were given another couple's baby

New parents in Australia were left deeply traumatised after they were given someone else’s baby for 45 minutes after the mother gave birth.
Their real new born baby boy Levi had had been left in a 'settling' room while they spent almost an hour as a mammy and daddy to someone else's child.
It would appear that the nurses at St Vincent's Private Hospital, forgot to check the wristbands of the two new borns. Ian Grisold, the hospital’s CEO apologised for the occurance:
“We unreservedly apologise and take full responsibility for the incident. While both babies had correct identification name tags attached at all times and both babies remained in their correctly named cots at all times, the staff member did not disturb the parents and check their name bands.
When it was realised by staff that there was a baby in the incorrect room, the still sleeping baby was instantly removed from that room and returned to its parents.”
Levi's mother has said that she is finding it hard to bond with her baby returning home and doesn't believe the hospital's account of what happened.
What’s your thoughts on this? 

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