The Woodie's Summer 2021 Advert Is So Adorable

As the advert tells us, let your imagination run wild in your garden this summer.

It's hard to believe it, but summer 2021 is just around the corner. Today we've discovered the new Woodie's summer advert, giving us all the summer vibes we need on this sunny April day.

The Irish DIY, home and garden store has tugged on the heartstrings of the nation once again. Following on from their enlightening Christmas advert from last year, which featured Mrs Higgins and her rickety old gate, we're loving the cute summer feel from this new production.

Introducing us to little Liam, the young boy has discovered his "new best friend" and he's helping them out, taking extra special care of them as together they face toe-nipping crocodiles, jump over boiling hot lava on the trampoline, and trek through a wild jungle of clothes drying on the line.

After their crazy adventure around the garden, Liam whispers to his new pansy friend: "You’re going to like this place… and you look great. You’re my best friend."

The Woodie’s "New Best Friend" ad campaign was filmed in Dublin and made in partnership with Irish based agency Rothco Accenture Interactive. The aim of the campaign is to encourage children and families to plant together this summer. Why not get them into the gardening hobby now, so that their plants will grow with them as they get older.

With plants being very much an in-thing right now, they'll be happy with this newfound skill that they will have for life. The key is to have a bit of fun, and let your imagination run wild, just like Liam shows us here.

Take a look at the adorable Woodie's summer 2021 advert below.

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