Woman shares photo of rare sign of breast cancer

She wants to warn other ladies to look out for it

As you know the signs of breast cancer can vary greatly. You should always visit your GP if you find any changes to your breasts. 
This is what Jennifer Cordts did in 2015 when she noticed a red rash on her left breast. Having had a mammogram and her bloods tested (which came back as normal) Jennifer was told that it was nothing to worry about and perhaps was a result of wearing a bra that was too small for her. 
However her rash did not disappear and one night Jennifer resorted to the internet to see if she could establish what the rash was. When she googled her symptoms she was horrified to see that the search resulted in a rare type of breast cancer in the lymph vessels.
She returned to the doctors and had a biopsy which confirmed her worst fears – she had stage four inflammatory breast cancer. 
Because of the uncommonness of the cancer, doctors had not initially picked up on the symptoms. These can include:
  • Redness on the breast
  • Orange peel like look on the breast.
  • Pain and/or discharge from the nipple
  • Swelling and/or pain in the breast; 
  • Raised marks or ridges on the skin.
Speaking to WFFA Dallas she said:
“I knew my fate right then.”
Jennifer has been given 3 – 5 years and is currently on treatment to slow down the growth.
She said the reason she is going public is because “I really want someone to go, ‘oh my gosh I have redness in my breast, I better push past the mammogram and ask for more tests’.”
What an incredibly brave lady! Thank you Jennifer x


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