Woman Delivers Her Own Baby Mid C-Section!

The spectacular moment one mum literally pulled her baby into the world! 

When you're a midwife, chances are you've seen numerous births in your career.
While each one is special in it's own right - is it not that little bit extra when it's your own?
Of course it is, but could you imagine how extra special it is to literally bring your baby into the world while enduring a C-section?
Emily Dial knows how special that feeling is. 
Giving birth to her third baby, Emily decided she wanted to be involved as best she could. 
The mum gave birth in the same hospital where she works stateside, and took her role quite seriously when she pulled her own baby out during her C-section. 
Sarah Hill, Emily's birth photographer was thankfully on hand to capture the beautiful moments taking place and we just can't. 
How incredible are these snaps?

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