Wife Wants Husband To Pay Her A Stay-At-Home Salary

One American mum who has had enough of feeling like she can't spend any of her husband's salary has decided to do something about it.

As parents, it can be tough juggling both domestic life with a career. And because of this many families decide to have one person stay at home with the children while the other goes out to work.
However, this can leave one half of the couple feeling like they don't have a say in how the money is divided out. 
In various different situations, the person who does decide to stay at home with the children can often feel like they have no financial independence and have to ask for money to buy things. 
One American mum who has had enough of feeling like she can't spend any of her husband's salary has decided to do something about it. 
The mum took to the Reddit thread Would I Be The A****** to ask if it was reasonable she insists her husband pays her a salary for housekeeping and childcare.
"My husband earns good money but he's very frugal about nonessential spending because he wants to be financially independent (no job, earnings from investments) at an early age,” she wrote on the social media site.
At the moment, the mum has to get his permission before spending over $150 (approx. €135) on anything and would like to have her own money to do with what she pleases.
In the post, the mum, who wants to be paid a monthly wage of around $3,500 (approx. €3,100), gives a bit of background on where the idea came from explaining that her sister has a similar set up with her husband.

AITA for wanting a "salary" as a SAHM (stay at home mom)? from r/AmItheAsshole

"Right now she says she gets about $3,500 a month because that's how much it would cost them to hire an outside nanny where they live. It's a bit cheaper where we live so I wouldn't be asking as much, but would I be the asshole to suggest a similar arrangement with my husband so I don't need to go grovelling for money every time I want to buy myself something nonessential?"
The poster explains that she wants to buy things like make-up, meals out and treats without having to get her husband's permission first.
Many people commented that she was being a bit unreasonable in terms of the amount she was asking, but not for asking itself. 
"She’s sacrificing too: job prospects, independence, security, personal retirement, so he can have the life he wants," wrote one. 
"I think she’s asking for way too much money, but she should definitely have something."
Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321


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