WATCH: Baby born completely encased in amniotic sac and entirely unaware it's outside the womb

This is something that happens to just one in every 80,000 babies.

During this C section, the amniotic sac didn't burst and the baby is completely encased in its sac, unaware that it's even outside of the womb! It is curled up in fetal position inside and still receiving oxygen and nutrients from the umbilical cord!
The amniotic sac is an opaque bubble that covers all babies in the womb from right after conception. As the baby grows, it fills with fluid, including the baby's urine.
The sac cushions the baby from activity during mum's daily moving.
Normally, during a birth, it breaks, and the fluid rushes out, which is where the term 'breaking water' comes from.
It's particularly surprising to have the entire sac intact in a C-section, because the scalpel usually pierces the amniotic sac.
The mother was shocked to see her baby still inside the sac bubble, just minutes after the baby's twin was delivered normally. 
The footage of the baby moving around inside its sac has already been viewed millions of times. We can see why! 
Life is beautiful and miraculous.

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