Two Signs Of Depression That You Probaby Don't Know About

When it comes to depression, many of us automatically think of fatigue, pessimism, insomnia, restlessness, feeling anxious and sad.

When it comes to depression, many of us automatically think of fatigue, pessimism, insomnia, restlessness, feeling anxious and sad.
However, there are two symptoms that are very often overlooked.
Anger and irritability.
Dr. Maurizio Fava, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School, told Nell Greenfieldboyce of Morning Edition that “1 in 3 patients would report to me that they would lose their temper, they would get angry, they would throw things or yell and scream or slam the door.” 
According to the report, people can also experience anger attacks much like they would panic attacks.
Frighteningly, more than 250 people diagnosed with depression admitted to feeling angry and irritable in a study published in JAMA Psychiatry.
However, anger, according to experts, is often overlooked when treating depression, something Dr. Mark Zimmerman, a professor of psychiatry at Brown University, wants to see changed.
"The field has not sufficiently attended to problems with anger," says Mark 
"The most frequently used scales to evaluate whether or not medications work for treating depression don't have any anger-specific items.”
Speaking from experience, he continued:  "Irritability is not that much less frequent than sadness and anxiety in patients who are presenting for psychiatric treatment."
If you are suffering from depression, you can contact Aware or the Samaritans for help and support. 

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