This Song Celebrates World Children's Day And It's Very Powerful

Pablo, the globally acclaimed kid’s TV series, is taking a further step in its mission to champion children with the launch of a bespoke awareness campaign. 

Pablo, the globally acclaimed kid’s TV series which celebrates difference and diversity, is taking a further step in its mission to champion children with the launch of a bespoke awareness campaign. Created specifically to support World Children’s Day (20th November), ‘Do Your Best’ is an innovative concept utilising song and video to help children celebrate their unique abilities.
With millions of viewers worldwide, Pablo, created by Paper Owl Productions, is using its voice to lead its global audience in supporting World Children’s Day.
Part of this support is to encourage children to take part in the campaign by uploading a video of their rendition of the Do Your Best song or show off what they’re best at via an image or post on social media.
World Children’s Day strives to help children fulfil their potential; something Pablo supports and actively promotes. The brand new messaging from Pablo encourages audiences to share the message that doing your own personal best is all that is important.
To help kids think of how they excel, Pablo has created a catchy song guaranteed to get feet tapping and little lungs singing. Whether it’s a master magician, football fanatic, exquisite artist or a budding ballerina, Pablo wants to hear, see and marvel at what children across the world are best at and have them join in on the global singalong.
Pablo couldn’t be a more fitting ambassador for World Children’s Day as he unites children across the globe by celebrating their uniqueness and reinforcing that they should strive to reach their full potential and abolish any sense of comparison.
Established in 1954, World Children’s Day celebrates children all over the world and strives to build awareness around the importance of supporting and guiding the youth of today. One of the core messages of World Children’s Day is the concept of togetherness, something that resonates with Pablo and the themes unfolded in each episode.
Pablo aims to bring together children of all abilities to tell the story of a smart and resourceful five-year-old boy with autism, who uses magic crayons to create an imaginary world populated by animal characters who help him handle everyday situations. The show has created a whole new platform for conversations around autism increasing awareness on what it means and how it feels to be a child with autism.
Pablo is the first-ever TV programme to feature an autistic child in the starring role and to have an all-autistic core cast.  Additionally, every episode was inspired by the real-life experiences of children with autism and each one devised, co-written and voiced by young autistic talent.  

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