This mum's no breastfeeding banner is so important

Meghan Koziel went through an incredible journey before welcoming her daughter in September of last year.

Meghan Koziel endured a long and rough journey before welcoming her daughter in September of last year.
The mum-of-one was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26 and underwent a double mastectomy as part of her treatment.
This means that she cannot breastfeed her daughter, something she found herself continually having to explain to others.
After having experience working in hospitals, Meghan knows that doctors and nurses don’t always read charts as soon as they come in. And she found herself having to explain her cancer over and over again – something we’re sure she found upsetting.
So instead of having to repeat herself all the time, the mum came up with a genius idea with the help of a friend.
A banner that claimed her hospital room as a breastfeeding-free zone, and her reasons why.
Posting the banner on her Instagram page, Meghan who shared her cancer journey on her blog She Sparkles On, wrote: 
“Attention please, attention please. We do indeed have a mommy-to-be who had breast cancer and a mastectomy which means, without boobs in the houseeeee!
“Got the banner raised just in case people are confused at why we are NOT going to be breastfeeding our little bundle of joy. Yes, I have foobs, no, I do not have boobs (or nipples) therefore... my body is incapable of breastfeeding.”
However, while many people praised the mum for taking the initiative, others were more concerned with the fact that she felt the need to make the sign in the first place.
“No one has the rights to ask why you aren't breastfeeding, no one will ever care for your baby's health as much as you do. You don't have to prove anything to anyone," wrote one follower. "You are an absolute inspiration.”
Another agreed, saying: "Firstly, I’m glad you’re well. Secondly congratulations on your new baby! Thirdly, I’m sad the sign is even needed. Fed is best. There should be no shame in formula feeding."
And we agree.
Meghan has been through enough and the fact that she felt the need to make the banner shows that mum-shaming is alive and well. Yes, breast is best. But formula is also nutritious and good for Baby, and not every mum can or even wants to nurse.
Mums should be trusted to make their decisions based on the needs of their own child and their lifestyle. Once Baby is happy and healthy it shouldn’t matter if they are bottle- or breast-fed, right?  

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