This Is Why You Should Make Your Kids Do Chores

As parents, sometimes the motto 'if you want something done right you’re better off doing it yourself 'rings so true. 

As parents, sometimes the motto 'if you want something done right you’re better off doing it yourself 'rings so true.
Ask your child to empty the dishwasher and you’re bound to find cups where the plates go or if dusting is their job you just know they’ll only do the areas they can see...
So, yes, most of the time it’s easier to do it yourself.
However, while it initially might take a bit of time to get them into a routine and to show them how to properly do a particular job, it is important that children are shown how to do them.
In fact, not only does your child doing chores help you in the long run it’s also incredibly beneficial to your kids.
According to Marty Rossmann of the University of Mississippi, chores can help children be more successful in life.
According to Marty’s research, children who do chores when young grow into more well-adjusted adults, have more successful careers and be more well-adjusted.
They also allow children to develop a sense of empathy as adults.
But that's not the only research to support this finding. 
Dr Elizabeth White from the University of Virginia, along with her team of paediatricians, studied 9,971 primary school-age children and found other benefits to chores.
According to their research, children who do household chores are better at maths and science. They also have more self-confidence which in turn helps them be more sociable.
“Our study findings support the idea that regular household contributions at a young age are associated with the development of self-confidence in early childhood,” she said.
So there you have it. The next time your child moans about having to do chores, tell them it's for their benefit! 

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