This Incredible Bed Fits You And Your Dog

Dogs are definitely the best addition to any family dynamic.

Dogs are definitely the best addition to any family dynamic.
They’re loyal, loving and always excited to see you, and really are just the best things.
And for some dog owners, it’s normal to bring them into the bed with you. Nothing beats a dog cuddle to help you relax and unwind, and they’re so warm and cuddly - ideal on a cold evening!
However, they also fart a lot and the last thing you want seeping into your bed covers is a dog fart. Any dog owners out there will totally understand the power of a dog fart.  
You also want to keep some boundaries! 
And Anderson's Themes and Dreams has created the best solution. They have come up with a very special bed that fits you and your dog.
The bed comes in single, double or king and has a pet house underneath it, where your little one pooch can sleep in at night.
This way you and your pooch get to technically sleep in the same bed but without having to deal with the squirming and dog farts, so it’s a win-win.
You and your dog will now be able to spend even more time together!
Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321


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