The One Thing All Parents Worry About When Expecting Another Baby

When bringing another baby into the world many mums worry about how they will share their love evenly. 

When bringing another baby into the world many mums worry about how they will share their love evenly. They worry if it's even possible?!
As a mum of four, I can confirm it is! But I worried just like everyone else each time we brought another one into the world. Would we be able to spread our love evenly, our time, our affections?

Stacey Solomon has spoken about just that on her Instagram lately. The Loose Women panellist has two children from previous relationships — Leighton, 7, and Zachary, 11.

Stacey, 29, is set to welcome her third child, first with partner Joe Swash, 37 — after the pair announced they were expecting in February — and now it seems the ITV star is worried about not having another spare hand when her baby arrives.
Solomon has a way of really raising issues that most mums are or have been feeling at some point in their own lives.

Stacey took to Instagram to share an emotional message about her sons. She wrote: "Was about to post this and for some reason got a bit emotional thinking I don’t have three hands. I need to grow another hand! How am I going to hold all of their hands?"

Luckily for Stacey, her fans were quick to reassure her that there are plenty of options, including the use of a baby carrier. One wrote: "Baby carrier, so special for your baby and hands-free for your boys."

Another added: "Your big heart will outweigh your lack of hands!"

For me, I didn’t have to “share” my love.
It just grew more for each baby; with every birth I just seemed to have more love to give.
All the sleepless nights worrying if my little one would end up with less because we were bringing a sibling into the world was all for nothing. As soon as the baby is born you quickly realise that it is not the case.
Your love grows and so does your little ones'. They adore their sibling and in that very moment your heart just doubles in size too.

It is such a vulnerable time for expectant mums as they worry about a new chapter of their life they’re about to embark on, with no real clue about lies ahead.

All we can do is prepare as best we can and talk to and listen to other parents in the same boat. Parents who are feeling the same way.
That is exactly why I think the former queen of the jungle is absolutely admirable in her approach to motherhood.
It can only be reassuring and refreshing for other mums and expected mums who are following her.

Stacey Solomon has also very recently discussed her guilt in having three children with three different men. 

Speaking candidly of her children, she confessed: "I did feel guilty about having babies with different dads. I didn't want my kids to have a negative or confused upbringing.

"There's a stigma about having babies with different partners - I've definitely felt pressure from people - people I don't know, and even people I do know. Even those close to me have had their opinions on it, and that can hurt."

We say keep doing what you’re doing mama because you are KILLING it!

Laura Doyle, Mum of 4. Kyle 9, Noa Belle 4, Briar 2 and Milla 12 months. Breastfeeder, co-sleeper, coffee drinker. Staying positive and inspired by the chaos of it all. Follow her on Instagram.

Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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